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  1. Automobiles

    An automobile is defined as a wheeled vehicle that has its own motor and can carry passengers. Because of its popularity and the way it has revolutionized transportation, there were a lot of theories regarding when the first automobile was first invented.

  2. Computers

    The word computer, pronounced as /kəmˈpyo͞otər/, came from the Latin word computus and computare. These two Latin words have the same meaning as the English word, compute, which is to determine Mathematical means. Putare means to reckon while com is called the intensifying prefix.

  3. Entertainment

    Entertainment /ɛn.tɝˈteɪn.mənt/ comes from the old French word entretenement, which is an activity designed to give pleasure as well as relaxation to an audience, whether the audience participates passively like that in watching operas and movies, or actively such as in games.

  4. Finance

    The finance function consists of the people, technology, processes, and policies that dictate tasks and decisions related to financial resources of a company. Some organizations rely on individuals to perform these functions for both simple and advanced tasks, while others are automated and use people only for decision and policy making.

  5. Game

    Games are designed with concepts that test the players' decision making skills in situations of competition and conflict. Games for young children aim to teach life values they need to develop for successful social interaction such as sharing, cooperation and interdependence, under specified rules. Games also aim to teach people how to play fair and be good sports, whatever the outcome of the game is.

  6. Health

    Health is multifaceted, involving various factors. The World Health Organization, with the intention of having parameters to measure the functionality of an individual, defined health in 1948, as the physical, social and mental aspect. Later on, the definition evolved to include the emotional, spiritual and environmental dimensions to the list.

  7. Horoscopes

    Horoscope comes from the Greek word horoskopos which means nativity. From hora, meaning hour and skopo, meaning watching, this is in reference to the hour of a person’s birth.

  8. Movies

    The word movie /ˈmuːvi/ is derived from the word moving pictures which is a sequence of images that is projected into a screen with the right amount of speed so as to create the illusion of continuity and motion.

  9. Shopping

    Shopping, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the "act of examining goods and services with intent to buy." Shopping, as an activity, entails selection and purchase. Inasmuch as it is an economic activity, shopping is also considered a recreational and leisure activity. From this, the concepts "window-shopping" and "retail therapy" was conceived.

  10. Travel

    The word travel is derived from the Middle English word travail, pertaining to all the activities performed while moving from one location to another. A person who travels is called a traveler.